Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Different Perspective
 Spring is finally here and I am once again able to start my day sipping coffee on the deck. I've planted a new flower bed, a small veggie garden and put up a bird feeding station right where I can see them from my chair on the deck.
I've gotten great enjoyment in watching the birds at my feeder. I get bright red cardinals, brilliant blue indigo buntings, and stunning bluebirds. The other day when I walked to the mailbox, I heard a beautiful bird song and looked up to see what kind of bird was making the sounds and saw that it was a majestic yellow goldfinch. I hope it will find it's way to my feeding station so I can enjoy it's colors and it's song while I'm sitting on the deck.
In my flower bed, I planted red, white and purple verbena. When I chose those flowers, I didn't remember that they attract butterflies. So I've had some unexpected pleasure watching them flutter around the blooms.
Such beauty and joy I created in our little side yard. But I came to realize that there was something I didn't consider when I arranged things. In the 26 years I was single and lived alone, I became accustomed to arranging everything to MY perspective. I guess old habits die hard. This morning, I decided to sit in my husband's chair on the deck instead of where I usually sit. And I quickly saw that, from his chair,  he could not see any of the joyful sights I got such pleasure from when I sat in my chair. It made me understand that every one's perspective is different and that we all experience life and our surroundings from where we're sitting. Not only am I now going to plant some more flower beds that my husband can see from his chair, but I'm also going to try harder to see things from his perspective.
I'm glad I have a patient, understanding husband who is giving me all the time I need to learn how to not be so self-centered and to think about someone else too. Patient husbands are a good thing. Being married is a growing experience for me. Growth is a good thing too. See there! I found two good things just from sitting in my husband's chair on the deck!
Keep looking for the good!!! :)

Here's a pic of the flower bed when I first planted it. There will be hanging baskets on the shepards hooks. More good to look at! :)