Sunday, December 6, 2009

To find the good you gotta pay attention

Yesterday I had some grocery shopping to do and some other errands to run. I set out with the intention of continuing my "experiment" of looking for something good in every person I came in contact with. But the day moved so fast it was almost a total blur. I got so involved in the task of finding what I was looking for at the grocery store that I kind of went into my own little world and forgot to look for good. Well, not completely. I do remember a teeny little blond haired girl in a lab coat, apparently the pharmacist, asking me if I needed help with anything. I thought at the time that was a good thing and I appreciated her doing that. And I almost ran into the girl who worked in the floral section but she laughed and said "That's OK hon!" That was pretty good. :) And there's a cashier at one of the stores that I always enjoy because he's very quick witted and funny. I told him I always wonder what he's up to because he's always grinning. :) In case you haven't noticed, I like to laugh. My life got really really serious for a while and I hope I never go back there. Life's too short.

I did have a couple of long phone conversations with a new friend yesterday and I saw a lot of good in him. But I was paying attention then. When I was talking to him, I was 100% there. When I was in the grocery stores I wasn't. I've heard the saying "Wherever you are, be there." I think there's a lot of truth to that. I think I've probably missed out on a lot of good stuff in life because I wasn't paying attention. I wasn't really there. I was living at such a fast pace that there wasn't time to notice the true beauty of the world around me and the good in the people around me.

Oh, I did notice some good things about yesterday. Between buying products that were on sale and using my coupons, I saved about $40 on my groceries! And I bought some homemade cheese from a local farmer and it is sooooooo good!

Today is another opportunity for me to slow my butt down and pay attention and look for good stuff in the people and experiences I have today. I'll report in later.

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