Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today me and Bossy went hiking at yet another section of the Mountains to Sea trail at Falls Lake. As always, we had an awesome time! We hiked for about an hour and then found a great spot with a view of the lake and sat down and ate some lunch and rested a while. Then we hiked back to the car and drove down to the little swim beach. I took off my $120 hiking boots and me and Bossy went wading in the water. It wasn't cold like I thought it would be. In fact, it felt really great! Back up on the sand, Bossy decided it was time to rest again. So he flopped down in the sand and laid down. I sat down beside him and soon he was snoring away. So I decided to lay down in the sand too! It was so wonderful to feel the sun shining on my face and my feet in the sand.

After Bossy's nap, we got in the car and came home and I uploaded the photos I took into my computer. While I was doing that, I saw all the other photos I've taken when I've gone hiking or just looking around for something good to take pictures of. (There's that looking for the good thing again!) I noticed that I'm getting quite a collection of pictures and quite a string of wonderful experiences.

It made me think about a string of pearls. When we buy a pearl necklace, it seems like we're buying one thing. But really, we're buying a whole bunch of very beautiful LITTLE things all strung together. I think that's what life is! A bunch of little things strung together.

If we took that pearl necklace and went outside and cut the string and let all the pearls loose into a sandbox, we might not even be able to see the pearls! But they're there! And if we look through the sand, we'll find them. I think life has a lot of sand and that's OK. But there's pearls in there too! And if we'll just look for them, we will find them and then, after a while, we can string them all together to make one beautiful necklace, one beautiful life. But if we go around complaining about the sand, we won't even notice the beautiful little pearls. And if we go around waiting for something big to happen in our lives, we won't notice the little successes and blessings we get that, when strung can finish this sentence. :)

I'm going to try harder to look for and appreciate all the wonderful little experiences I have in my daily life so I can string them all together and make a wonderful life out of them. And a wonderful life is a good thing! Look for the good! :)

Here's some pics from today's hike! I even recruited somebody to take a pic of me and Bossy!

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