Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just checking in!

I've sat here several times and tried to write but can't seem to get my mind in gear. I have been sick with a bad head cold for a week now. (Are there good ones?) I guess I have medicine head. Been trying to look for the good in being sick like this. Haven't had any luck. But I can see some good elsewhere. At least it happened at a time where I had five days with no work booked. So it didn't wreak havok on my schedule or on my budget. And I've had absolutely no appetite so, therefore, I haven't been overeating.

We've also started a new year. If it's true that we create our lives with our thoughts, then that kind of makes us like artists. If we think of our mind/thoughts/energy as our paintbrush and our lives as our canvass, then lets use this new year to paint whatever kind of life we want for ourselves. I know that's easier said than done. But lets try. One thing I've decided to do different this year is that I'm going to take more chances. I'm not going to play it safe like I always have. I'm gonna gamble a little and maybe live on the edge just a little. And I think I'm gonna break a few rules too. (I didn't say laws, I said rules! LOL!) I just feel like if I try something and it doesn't work, that's better than not trying anything at all. I KNOW what I'm doing now isn't working, so what's the difference? Something good comes from EVERY experience! If a situation doesn't work out exactly like you hope, that doesn't mean it was a total waste. We grow and learn from everything we do. But if we do nothing, then we don't grow or learn. We just die.

I don't know that this entry has been particularly motivating or inspiring to anyone. I'm very sorry I'm not feeling more philosophical. A Nyquil hangover is rough! LOL! I just felt like I needed to post something so any readers I may have will know that I haven't jumped ship. I'm still here, still trying to practice looking for the good every day. I welcome any comments from my readers. Maybe some of you have some inspiration to share.

Lets all keep lookin' for the good in 2010!

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  1. Hi, Jo Ann
    I am one of your fans who was beginning to wonder were you were. But, here you are again sharing your thoughts and looking for the good. As I see it, the good for you right now may be that it's good that you can make a decision to break a few rules this year. Have fun doing it and please keep posting with your "good" thoughts. Be well soon!