Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking for good in being sick for two weeks!

OK. Today makes two weeks since the cold monster got me and I'm STILL coughing and hacking and blowing! My plans to go out of town this past weekend, of course, were squelched! I was very disappointed but it would have been a miserable trip feeling the way I feel. But this morning while I was getting ready to attempt to go out to work, I thought of a few advantages to being sick. Here they are:

1) With the congestion, I haven't been able to smell the stinkers my cat makes in her litter box.
2) I haven't needed to do laundry like I normally would have because I've been wearing the same pair of sweats for five days! That also saves on my electric bill.
3) My water heater has had a vacation because, until this morning, I also hadn't taken a shower in five days! Well, maybe not that long but still. That saves on the electric bill too!
4) My dog hasn't had to get all stressed out about me leaving like he does when I leave for work every day....because I haven't left!
5) Many people have jobs because of sick people like me. There's the pharmacists, the FNP at the CVS minute clinic, the people at the Nyquil factory, the drug store cashiers.......
6) I've saved a lot of money on gas since my car hasn't moved in days! Saving gas helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
7) I now know that the ceiling in my bedroom needs to be painted.
8) I think coughing must be a great workout for my abs cuz they sure are sore. I think I may have six packs by the time this damned thing is over with.
9) I have a legitimate excuse for still having my Christmas tree up.
10) I'm actually looking forward to going to work today!

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  1. Now this is truly an amazing accounting of finding the good if only one will look! Hope you're well, up and out soon.