Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Experiencing the Good

This morning I thought I found a small lump in my breast. But then I realized that small lump IS my breast! I'm the only woman I know who can gain 75 pounds and still have small boobs. And now that I've lost the 75 pounds, they're pretty much shaped like nanners. SMALL nanners! In my next life I want to have big boobs and long legs instead of big legs and long boobs! What's boobs got to do with looking for the good? Nothing. I just felt like talking about 'em.

As far as looking for the good goes, I think maybe part of LOOKING for the good is EXPERIENCING the good. I think we should really drink it in, really absorb whatever it is, make it a part of ourselves so that when the "bad" comes we'll have the good in us to remember and hold onto. Too often we are in such a rush to get to what's next that we don't really notice what's happening now. We're never fully "there" when the good is happening so we miss it. The years go by and we think we've not had much good in our lives. Truth is, the good was there, we were just too busy to notice it.

When I lived on the farm, I learned the fine art of doing nothing and I learned how to slow down and really notice the beauty, the good, all around me. I have very fond memories of sitting in the rocking chair on the side porch watching hummingbirds drink from the feeder just a few feet away from me. I can still close my eyes and experience that just as if I was right there. That's because I slowed down and got still and took the time to truly experience it. It's now a part of me. A good part. I found some good!

Another spellcheck with no errors! Damn I'm good! See! I found s'more good! :D

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