Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shifting your focus

I think what I learned today about looking for the good is that you don't necessarily have to find good in the particular drama you're experiencing at the time. When I woke up this morning, I felt like a big fat gassy hog with frizzy hair and zits! It was cold and rainy outside. My dog wouldn't just take a crap where he was. He had to go looking for the perfect spot....while I got drenched! My cat was raising hell because she wanted to be fed. And I was running an hour behind schedule. And those were the GOOD aspects of the morning! For the first couple hours I was working, I bitched and whined to myself about how crappy a day it was. Then I remembered this blog and I said "Wait a minute, I'm the look for the good girl! I can't be going around thinking like this. But I couldn't find anything good about feeling fat, having the farts or having a zit the size of Texas on my nose. I wasn't gonna say something like "Having this zit is good because it inspires me to try new skin care products." I wasn't gonna go there. (Sorry if you're an Avon lady!) Instead, I decided to change the channel and watch a different show....so to speak. I thought about how good it is to be self-employed so I could take some extra time this morning to feel sorry for myself, I mean nurture myself for a while before I went out to work. I thought about how good it is that I have a skill that allows me to basically work part time but make enough money to get by on. I thought about how good it was that none of my customers would be home when I was cleaning their houses and therefore they would not see me in the piss poor mood I was in. By lunch time, I was feeling pretty good. And the sun even came out. I'm certain the sun came out just because I shifted my focus and thought about good stuff. I do still have that damn zit though!!!!

Hey! I just did spellcheck and got a message that there were NO misspellings found! Woo hoo! Now THAT'S something good! See! :D

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